PolarPro Red Filter GoPro
PolarPro raudonas filtras GoPro / Red Filter

PolarPro Red Filter GoPro

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Hero4/Hero3+ Standard 40m Housing


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  • Tropical and blue water color correction
  • Captures vivid underwater colors
  • Snap-on design for quick install/removal
  • Working depth from 15 to 80 feet
  • Includes tether and storage bag

The PolarPro Red Filter for the Gopro Hero4 camera helps your camera capture vibrant tropical colors while scuba diving. The GoPro Hero4 has a difficult time registering colors underwater due to red light loss. Our Red Filter has a specific red formula for GoPro cameras, which help significantly improve underwater colors. This red filter will improve colors when diving from 15 to 80 feet in blue or tropical water. The PolarPro Red Filter also quickly snaps on/off of the camera for quick tool-free installation and removal. The new lens is constructed of a blend of optical polycarbonate/Lexan which means it is very difficult to break while retaining razor sharp optics. Be sure to grab this red filter before your next scuba diving adventure and make sure your once in a lifetime dive video comes out with vivid tropical colors.