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Your XIRO Xplorer Standard Version Quadcopter is the new generation equipped with advanced flight control system, which enables the user to take control and fly stably within minutes. 

Vibration alert on the remote controller is to notify users when special events like running out of battery happens, and there are 3 modes of control settings for beginners, amateurs and professional users. 

The best part of this Quadcopter is it can be upgraded to Xplorer V or Xplorer G version very easily, which means just buy a gimbal and you can take aerial photos and videos, instead of buying another whole new drone. 

The Mobile APP is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

  • Innovative Modular Design,Pre-tuned by the factory and ready in minutes! Just charge the included battery, install the propellers and ready-to-fly
  • Long Cruise Duration: Fly up to 25 minutes on a single charge using the included 5200mAh lithium polymer (LiPo) battery that's easily removable and contains intelligent circuitry and a charge-remaining indicator built-in.
  • Lost Connection Functionality: Outdoor flight is made possible by advanced GPS positioning that compensates for light wind. Xplorer will return Home when the flight distance is beyond the effective remote control distance or the battery runs low.
  • More Advanced flying experience:waypoint function,Up to 16 point ground stations/360° Selfie Shooting/Wireless Image Transmission/Smart Recording Features

Contents of the Package 
1 x Aircraft 
1 x Remote Control 
1 x Manual Set 4 x CW Propeller 
4 x CCW Propeller 
1 x Wrench 
1 x Philips screwdriver 
4 x Landing gear pad 
8 x Screw pack 
1 x Neck Strap 
1 x Smart Flight Battery 
1 x Charger 
1 x Power Adapter 
1 x Power Cord 
1 x Micro USB Cable 
1 x EU Adapter 
1 x SAA Adapter 
1 x UK adapter 
1 x Manual Set 

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