Brinno BCC200 Bundle Pack
Brinno BCC200 Bundle Pack

Brinno BCC200 Bundle Pack


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Brinno BCC200 Bundle Pack

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Prekės aprašymas

Brinno BCC200, the higher-end construction camera bundle with 80-day battery life, is powered by a HDR-sensor and special night-modes perfect use for documenting construction projects, analyzing environmental changes, and an amazing variety of other long-term outdoor photographic tasks.

BCC200 delivers the exceptional time-lapse videos thanks to its High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor even under the most challenging backlights and/or dark conditions. The new industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clampod’s great load capacity increases its convenience for operation.

Amazing 80 days battery life

World record long term battery operated construction camera with outstanding 2.5 months (80 days) of battery life (using a time interval of 30 minutes, Timer setting is on: records 8 hours per day). Easy and rapid deployment of BCC200 professional construction camera at any site,  it´s simple to install and operate on any site. No wires or cabling required.

The camera produces ready-to-wiev at the push of a button with no need to spend hours on post-processing.

IPX4 dustproof weather resistant housing, let you records any project, indoors or outdoors.

Brinno BCC 200 makes time-lapse videos incredibly simple, no technical skill is required

Techninė informacija

  • Aperture f/2.0
  • Focal length 19 mm (35mm equivalent)
  • IPX4 Weather resistant (with housing)
  • Industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp included

Dežutėje yra

HDR TimeLapse Camera (TLC200Pro), dustproof weather resistant housing, industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp, bungee cords, SD Card, 4 AA batteries, 19mm Lens (35mm Equivalent) wide-angle lens on TLC200Pro, lens cover for TLC200Pro, screw driver for TLC200Pro fasten screws

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