NiSi Cine Filter Enhanced VND 1.5-5 stops 95mm
NiSi Cine Filter Enhanced VND 1.5-5 stops 95mm

NiSi Cine Filter Enhanced VND 1.5-5 stops 95mm


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NiSi Cine Filter Enhanced VND 1.5-5 stops 95mm

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NiSi Cine Enhance VARIO-ND 1.5-5 Stop is a variable neutral density filter that provides an exposure reduction of 1.5 to 5 EV. The density, ND factor, is stepless controlled by turning the filter. This filter have built in stops when turning to end positions, to make you know "where you are" during action use.

Very useful for video, as you can adjust exactly the amount of light that enters the lens for each given scene. In this way, larger apertures and/or longer shutter speeds can be used than would otherwise be possible under current lighting conditions.

An advanced nano coating is used to repell water, grease and dirt and makes the filter easier to clean.

"Clip on design" which makes it easy to mount on your Cinelens.

Available in 3 different sizes: 95, 110 and 114mm (outer lens-diameter)

Techninė informacija

  • Reduce Exposure by 1.5-5 EV steplessly
  • Highest optical quality, no impact on sharpness
  • Neutral color reproduction
  • No "cross-effects"
  • Nano-coating repells water and grease

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