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ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)
  • ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)

Promaksa pataria

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 turns your mobile phone into a professional filmmaking camera, helping you create stable and smooth movie footage with just your phone!

ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)

121 €

su PVM
Prekę galima užsisakyti internetu. Pristatymas apie 4-21 darbo dienos.
Techninė informacija:


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ZHIYUN Smooth 4 stabilizatorius telefonui (Juodas)

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It is compatible with most smartphones on the market, including plus models fitted with a case. For example, iPhone 8+ and Samsung Galaxy S9+.

A special slider on the control panel and a trigger button on the back help you easily switch between different gimbal modes. Dedicated buttons and an adjustment wheel enable fast parameters settings without the need of touching the phone

Another new, important feature is the easy to use control wheel that can be used for follow focus, smooth zooming and precise focusing. By rotating the wheel while shooting and moving closer or further away from the subject, you can even create the effect of a dolly zoom.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 also offers intelligent object tracking and various advanced time-lapse modes that help you capture every memorable moment!


Hot Keys for instant control
The Smooth 4 features several direct keys (so called Hot Keys) and a slider to quickly and easily command all of its operations and gimbal modes, reducing the need to constantly touch the mobile phone's screen.

The smart control panel can be used to adjust all photographic parameters such as exposure compensation and ISO and to switch between front and rear cameras, preview the footage, turn on the LED light and even shoot panoramas.

Create drama with Dolly Zoom
An important new feature of the Smooth 4 is the addition of a large zoom and focus wheel. It can be used creatively, for example to capture a scene with a so-called Dolly Zoom or Vertigo Shot effect. A technique used in many Hollywood movies to create a sense of drama, ever since the classic thriller Vertigo made it famous in 1958! The effect is achieved by moving closer or farther away from the subject while zooming.

If you press the "Follow Focus" button on the Smooth 4, the wheel can instead be used to manually adjust focus and even perform focus tracking. A great tool for those who want to put a personal touch on their movies!

PhoneGo Mode for quicker scene transition
By triggering the button on the back, you can enter the Smooth 4 into "PhoneGo" mode which instantly releases the full potential of all the motors and adjust to faster movements when running or shooting from a moving car/bike etc. Now you can do scene transition as quickly as you wish!

Intelligent object tracking
Together with the ZY Play app (for iOS and Android), the Zhiyun Smooth 4 provides a wealth of useful features for both video capture and photography. For example, Intelligent Object Tracking. Draw a frame around an object on the screen and the stabilizer ensures that it always stays in the picture, even as you move.

Time-lapse Expert
The ZY Play app also makes the Zhiyun Smooth 4 capable of performing various preset time-lapse shots. For instance Roll Angle Time Lapse, Motion Laps and Hyperlapse. With all possible angle settings of the gimbal you have a multitude of options. The only limit is your imagination!

12 hour battery time and USB-C charging
The included batteries guarantee a runtime of up to 12 hours and a battery indicator constantly keeps you informed of how much power is left. If that's not enough, the batteries can even be charged while shooting, using a power bank connected to the gimbals USB-C port. Or, you can use the same port and the batteries in the Smooth 4 to charge the mobile phone!

Also for plus models
The adjustable phone holder in Smooth 4 can be adjusted to a maximum width of 85 mm, which makes the stabilizer compatible with most mobile phones on the market, including plus models fitted with a case.

Mounting and balancing the phone on the gimbal is quick and easy and the high quality composite materials and ergonomic design make the Smooth 4 both durable, lightweight and comfortable to hold. A supplied mini-tripod can also be used, for example, when you wish to take part in the movie yourself.

Light and durable
The high-quality compound materials and ergonomic design of the Smooth 4 make it both durable, light and comfortable to hold.

Pan kampas (°)300°
Roll Angle Range240°
Maks. Temperatūra (°C)45 °C
Maks. Apkrova (g)210 g
Maks. Veikimo trukmė (h)12 h
Pakreipimo kampas (°)240°
Minimali apkrova (g)75 g
Kam skirtaMobile
Svoris (g)547 g
Minimali temperatūra (°C)-10 °C