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Your Self-Flying Camera

Easily create the most amazing aerial footage of yourself, hands-free


999 €

1 499 €

su PVM
Prekę galima užsisakyti internetu. Pristatymas apie 14-24 darbo dienų.

GoPro Hero 3/3+/4

12 mėn.

Laukiame atvykstančios siuntos - susisiekite

Šią prekę pristatome nemokamai per lpexpress.lt terminalą.

Completely Self-Flying

Our app makes controlling your drone extremely simple because it’s entirely automated. From takeoff to flight and until landing, everything happens via your smartphone.

Perfect Framing and Tracking

Our proprietary framing and tracking algorithm enables constant framing and image stability.

Beautiful Camera Movements

Built-in library with dozens of cinematic camera movements created by motion picture experts.
Easy to Pack
Fits on or in a backpack, tool-free removable props, feet and gimbal.
Easy battery swap
5-second battery replacement for multiple flights.
Perfectly stable footage
3-Axis Gimbal for state of the art image stabilization.
GoPro Compatible
Ready to fly the world’s best action camera.
Custom Camera Movement
Customize and combine movements, coming soon!
Safety First
Built-in fail-safe scenarios in case of failure.
1st-Class Customer Care
Online knowledge base and live customer support.
Quarterly functional upgrades of the app and firmware.
RC Compatible
Fly Hexo+ with an RC if you need to.
Durable construction, all-condition design.
Fast and Stable
6-props design and 45 mph max speed.
Hexo+ drone and propellers
3D gimbal
Landing gears
Battery and Charger
Hexo+ App
Quickstart guide

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